Wednesday, September 08, 2010

P2V fails at 94% after finished cloning disks

Physical server rebooted itself when VMware Converter reached 94% or 98%. By the time of its crash, it had already finished cloning its disks, and failed while it was trying to connect to the VM or reconfigure the VM. And the VM always goes to BSOD when it boots up.

The cause the reboot of the physical server is unknown. It involves the physical hardware, the OS, and the application, and none of them can pinpoint where the failure comes from.
The cause of the BSOD in the VM is the virtual disk controller driver isn’t in place and the VM isn’t configured to be ready to run in a virtual environment.

In the VMware Converter, run “Configure Machine” and use the wizard to configure the VM. After it is finished, we should be able to power on the VM into Windows.

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