Thursday, November 19, 2009

VMware Update Manager 4.0

Can't download patchs via VMware Update Manager 4.0

My environment is known for having complex firewalls and proxy. Lots of time it takes lots of effort and time to make application works. This time is no exception for VMware Update Manager 4.0.

The installation process for VUM 4 was very straight forward. Then it comes to the hard part. It can't download any patches for ESX hosts nor for VMs. After lots of testing, and some help from VMware's communities forum, finally I made it work. Here is what I have done.

1) Have proxy server opened up HTTP/HTTPS to the following 3 domains: *, *, and * The last domain is not for downloading patches, but for Test Connection since that is one of the websites that it use to test connectivity.

2) Set up proxy setting. Do not put http in front of your proxy server name in the box. Make sure you have the right authentication information in it if it is required.

If you are seeing some errors like this, it could be caused by your proxy setting.

httpDownload, 730 Error 12007 from WinHttpSendRequest for url                


'httpDownload' 4284 ERROR [httpDownload, 726] Error 12029 from WinHttpSendRequest for url

Please check out the following KB for more information.

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