Thursday, December 11, 2008

How to check VMware tools version in a Linux VM not running X win

Since in a Linux VM not running X windows, we can't use vmware-toolbox or .vmx to check the version of the VMware tools. We can check the version of VMware tools listed in, although it could be the case that VMware tools got installed, but haven't been configured yet. Run the following command to grab the version of VMware tools have been installed.

#grep buildNr /usr/bin/
my $buildNr;
$buildNr = '3.5.0 build-82663'
return remove_whitespaces($buildNr);

3.5.0 build-82663 is the VMware tools version number.


Sebastian Krueger said...

So knowing the version of vmware tools that is installed, is there an automated way of finding out if the vmware tools version out of date from inside the linux guest?

Thanks, Sebastian.

Byron Zhao said...


Due to the isolation design for VM, VM has no way to know the what version the VMware tools stores in ESX is. And VMware tools doesn't have an update check to check with its own host. So the answer is no.