Wednesday, May 07, 2008

vmkping error: syscall version mismatch (compiled: 0x7616c4e3, kernel: 0x50f63116)

Today after I configured an ESX 3.0.2 Update 1 server, I wanted to use vmkping to test vmkernel IP stack. However, it returned an error stating "syscall version mismatch (compiled: 0x7616c4e3, kernel: 0x50f63116)". Odd, since it doesn't look like an network issue, which was what I was always getting. After a search online, found a VMware KB 1002880 posted on Feb 2008 at The KB states that only commands vmkping and ramcheck are affected, and all other system utilities, ESX Server stability and reliability are not jeopardized.Ok, I was planning to patch it anyway.

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