Thursday, December 20, 2007

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Have been working with VMware's product for almost two year. The more I work with VMware ESX, the more I love it. It has been a great experience. From VMware ESX 2.5.x to the latest one ESX 3.5, I have set up different solutions and designs to create a stable, redundant virtualization environment. From basic setup, to upgrade, to backup, the flexibility that virtualization has provided really amazed me, and make me love my job more and more from one day to another. Of course, I have been getting help from VMware's virtualization communities. Some of them are from VMware's forum, some are from VMware's enthusiasists. They also helped me to pass VMware's VCP (VMware Certified Professional) exam. I really appreciate their help. Here I am trying to list some of my favirite help resources. They are very good VMware resources.

  • - At that time I was search from a backup solution for ESX 3.0.1's VM. VMware's VCB 1.0.1 was failing on me. VCB was able to create a snapshot of the VM, let backup software back it up, but lots of times, it failed to delete the snapshots. In VMware's forum, Alex Mittell posted his VISBU backup script. After trying out his script, found it was awesome. After a couple other releases, it is getting better and better. Laster on, he and other guys found this company in UK. There are a lot of White Papers, tips, and utilities for VMware in this web site.

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