Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Object Not Exist

Problem: The request refers to an object that no longer exists or has never existed.

Solution: This would happen in different scenarios. Restarting VirtualCenter Agent service in the host would most likely fix the problem (command is "service mgmt-vmware restart). If not, restart the VirtualCenter service in the VirtualCenter Server.

P.S. The platform here is ESX 3.0.1 and VC 2.0.1.


pc said...

I had this problem recently,and happened to come across your blog and just wanted to add an update as to what situation I faced,even though i had restarted the agent it was still giving me error so I had to log off and log back again into VC then it worked fine.

Byron Zhao said...

Thanks for your update here.
This problem can be caused by different reasons. Restarting the agent may solve the problem right way, or it may take some time before it fix this problem. Especially after adding a new ESX host to the cluster environment. The resource pools and permissions might take a while to propagate to the new ESX host. So I guess the solution is to restart mgmt-vmware, VirtualCenter service, and a little bit of time.

Unknown said...

Just restarting the VC Service worked for me. Easy fix to an unusual error message.

Anonymous said...

I love you man. I just spent 4 panicked hours trying ONE BILLION things when in the same situation, and of all those, only THIS worked for me.