Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Could not power on VM

Problem: No swap file. Failed to Power on VM

Solution: The reason that the VM not be able to start up is that the VM process is running on another ESX host in the same cluster group. Run "ps –ef grep VM_server_name" on each ESX host to find out which one owns it and then kill that process. VM should be able to powered on from VirtualCenter at this point.


Anonymous said...

ps -ef doesnt do any good because you see only the proceses of the Service Console

If you do ps axf | grep vmdk or vmx you'll find out wat process is locking your files.
try to avoid kill -9 because this can corrupt the file.
After the process is killed all file handles are released.

Byron Zhao said...

Any processes in "ps -ef | grep vm-name" aren't supposed to be running, even it is owned by service console.

kill -9 might corrupt some files since it doesn't kill it gracefully. But, what should I use to kill then?

Andrew Murrey said...

using just kill PID will fix it.