Wednesday, November 15, 2006

VMware Converter 3.0 Beta

Just try out VMware Converter 3.0 Beta, and I got to say it is damn cool. It can hot clone a server (a running server) into a virtual machine in ESX. And I can modify the hard drive size on C and D drive. For a total of 10GB hard drive space, it takes about 20 minutes to move it, plus another 10 minutes for it to connect to VirtuaCenter 2.1. With P2V 2.1.1 or P2V 2.1.2, I need to use a image software to create a image of the hard drive first and then restore it in to a VM, then use the P2V assistant to reconfigure it. But with VMware Converter, it is just one step. The time spending on transforming a physical server into a virtual server has dramatically reduced. And the downtime reduces to less than one minute. In our test, it dropped 2 packets while it’s being pinged. But overall, it is a very good tool.

However, if they could shutdown the physical server after Converter finish cloning it, before it starts up the new VM, it would be much better.

Just found a cool web site about virtualization. is the simple and failsafe way to create complete virtual machines for VMware Player on the web. It will generate the files for a virtual machine that can run in VMware Player.

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