Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Troubleshooting 1

Problem: Recovers a VMFS when a VMFS is locked and no ESX server is controlling it



-R --recover

This command enables you to recover a VMFS (accessible by multiple ESX servers) when other vmkfstools commands indicate that the file system is locked by another ESX Server machine, but, in fact, no other server is currently accessing this file system. This situation may occur if the VMFS was being accessed by a server (for example, running a virtual machine) and that server crashed.

Note: You should only use this command if you are certain that no other ESX Server is still accessing the file system.

Problem: Scans the specified vmhba adapter for devices and LUNs

Solution: vmkfstools

-s --scan <FC_SCSI_adapter>

This option is particularly useful for adapters connected to storage area networks, particularly if you are reconfiguring your SAN. If a new device or LUN becomes accessible through the adapter, then ESX Server registers this new virtual device for use by virtual machines. If an existing device or LUN is no longer used and appears to be gone, then it is removed from use by virtual machines.

Note: Only use this -s option for Fibre Channel adapters.

You can see the results of the scan by using ls /vmfs or looking at the contents of /proc/vmware/scsi.

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