Friday, September 08, 2006

Enabling VMotion

  • Select the host that you want to enable VMotion
  • Click on Configuration, and on the left hand side there is a panel Hardware, click on Networking
  • In the Virtual Switch that you want to enable VMotion, click on Properties
  • In the vSwitch properties’ tab Ports, add a VMkernel configuration
  • After you add it, click on Edit
  • Here are the fields that are in the VMkernel Properties
    • Port Properties
    • Network Label: Use a name that is meaningful to you
    • VLAN ID (Optional): Like what it said, you might not need it. But if you do, you should know what ID you need to use.
    • VMotion: check to box to enable VMotion
    • IP Settings
      IP Address:
      Subnet Mask:
      VMkernel Default Gateway:
      Here should be a subnet just for VMotion only, since it will generate lots of traffic when VMotion is in process. And the default gateway doesn’t have to be a real one. blockquote>

Example of VMkernel Properties

This is what it looks like after the VMkernel has been setup in vSwitch1.

  • Do the same thing to the other host that is in same cluster (the resource pool).
  • Now VMotion has been created in the cluster. We can go ahead to test VMotion, HA, and DRS. In fact, VMotion is the foundation of HA and DRS. If VMotion is working fine, all you need for HA and DRS is the licenses. Pretty simple and straight forward.


JTL said...

Do the same thing to the other host that is in same cluster
ahh but how do you create a cluster?

Byron Zhao said...

You need a vCenter (used to call VirtualCenter) to create a cluster. After you login into vCenter, right click on the root of the vCenter, you will need to create a DataCenter first, and in DataCenter, you can right click to create a Cluster.

raozan said...

Very useful info. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Will this effect any powered on servers? I would rather not shut them down - it causes dramas.

Anonymous said...

No need to power down, you can do this when they are on.

Unknown said...

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