Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Windows Vista features

Windows TAP team introduces a new service as the solution to delegating the install of per-machine ActiveX controls to a standard user in the enterprise. This is the subject of today’s Live Meeting with Microsoft TAP team. It consists of a Windows service, a Group Policy administrative template, and a few changes in Internet Explorer. However, it is not in the current Beta 2 yet. Still need to wait. However, I found a very nice and neat feature in Vista. Under Control Panel -> Programs -> Currently Running Programs, the Windows Defender shows all the currently running processes, and their details information. For example, Microsoft Office Live Meeting application is being shown like this:

File Name: PWConsole.exe
Display Name: Microsoft Office Live Meeting
Description: Microsoft Office Live Meeting application
Publisher: PlaceWare, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation.
Digitally Signed By: Microsoft Code Signing PCA
File Type: Application
Auto Start: No
File Path: E:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Live Meeting 7\Console\7.9.1709.0\PWConsole.exe
File Size: 2702608 Bytes
File Version: 7.9.1709.0
Date Installed: 5/9/2006 9:03:46 AM
Process ID: 7540
User Name: CO\byron.zhao
Classification: Allowed
Ships with Operating System: No

Now we can find out any non-legitimate processes easily.

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