Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Whats is going on

In the past a couple days, I have been working on VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3.0. This time VMware provides very powerful features in its enterprise product. I joined their webinar yesterday, and watched the demo they did. It has very similiar features as Fujitsu-siemens' Adaptive Services Control Center (ASCC), which could dynamically distribute the resource to different applications based on the management policies. And VMware make it software base to share the resources.

Can't wait. I have installed the VI3.0 on a HS20 in the IBM BladeCenter. The installation process is even simplier than the ESX 2.53. And I also installed the VirtualCenter 2.0 and the Virtual Infrastructure Client 2.0 on a BX620 S2 blade (Blade7) in the Fujitsu BladeCenter. This time I have no problem to have the VirtualCenter connect to the SQL server on Blade8.

Now I am reading the documentations on the VI3.0, and will have it connect to the SAN. It is fun to learn all these. Not sure how much will be trained in the Jumpstart training, but I am looking forward to it.

Today I got 4 GB from Keith to put into a HP ML 370. I am going to use it to test VI 3.0 too. :-) Got to love all these toys.

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