Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dell BladeCenter 1855

Just got informed that we got a Dell BladeCenter in to test. Wolf… Sweat. Can’t wait to get downstairs to pick it up. After the inventory, here is what we got.

7U PowerEdge 1855 Chassis that can hold 10 blade servers
1 PowerEdge 1855 blade server

  • 2 Hard drive, 146 GB UltraSCSI 320 hard drives
  • 1 QLogic HBA
  • 2 Xerox CPU
  • 6 GB Memory
  • 2 Front USB/Video cable
  • 1 Rear KVM cable
  • 2 Ethernet Pass-Through blades
  • 2 Fibre Channel Pass-Through blades

Here is Dell PowerEdge 1855 BladeCenter's detail. The look and design are very similiar to Fujitsu BX 600 BladeCenter. I haven't tried the 1855 yet, but I like the Fujitsu BX600 BladeCenter more over the IBM HS20. The deployment, and management software is way better than IBM's. However, Fujitsu BX600 only has Brocade switch module, but not have McData fibre channel module to support SAN. I think we will go for Pass-Through module than the Brocade Silkworm module.

Anyway, after knowing that we only have one Dell blade server to test, kind of lose insteresting in it. Going back to work on VMware.

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